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Emotional Rescue

Sure planning your wedding is exciting but someone forgot to mention that it can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  Warning:  stress may not bring out the best in you or your sweetheart!  It turns out there are some “dirty little secrets” about wedding planning that you just don’t get to know until you’ve jumped in without your life vest.

You may find yourselves arguing over the littlest things or battling over control in a way that makes you wonder why you didn’t just elope.  Decision fatigue, financial worries, time pressure can make you want to scream.  Don’t worry, we can talk you off the ledge, steer you in the right direction and get you back on track.  We won’t fire your hair stylist but we can help you decide if you should fire them and talk you through ways to do it.

Helen is a certified life coach and Drake is a therapist (MSW) and our mission is to toss you a floatation device so you can have an amazing queer wedding.

How it works:

Sessions are booked in 30 minutes increments with one or both of you and conducted on the telephone or Skype.  30 minutes is $50, payable through PayPal.

Send us an email telling us a little bit about your predicament, along with contact information and some possible times for our call, so we can get back on track to a fabulous experience.  Also, if you have a sense that you’d like talk couple to couple or specifically with either Drake or Helen, please let us know.

Also, you can buy a gift session for your partner, or for someone you know how is in the throes of wedding planning.  Just drop us an email and we’ll make it happen.

Queer Wedding Aficionados℠ look forward to working with you!

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