Drake and Helen Pride 2013

Drake and Helen
Queer Wedding Aficionados℠
in Wedding Drag, SF Pride 2013

Drake and Helen, Queer Wedding Aficionados℠, are a San Francisco Bay Area butch-femme couple who identify with the queer, trans, and otherwise edgy community (GLBTQIA-hallelujia).  While planning their own wedding, they fell in love with all things wedding — from the fun and creative aspects, to the deep heartfelt rituals, and  the complex emotional dynamics.  Their mission is to reflect and celebrate queer weddings and to offer unique insight, coping strategies, and practical tools to couples, and to assist wedding vendors expand and improve their offerings to better serve our queer community.

Drake has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Denver, and is a talented natural chef certified by Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, CA. Drake has been a grassroots organizer for gay rights and helped pass anti-violence laws in Colorado, taught safer sex seminars in San Francisco, and recently created and delivered diversity training for a well-known Bay Area hospital. Drake is a long-time feminist and gender outlaw.

Helen graduated from Vassar, is a licensed Coast Guard sailing captain, and certified life coach. Making her living by day in the software industry, Helen is also a fine art photographer, and a kick-ass femme with a brown belt in martial arts. Even after decades as a professional project manager, Helen’s biggest and most challenging project was their amazing nautical-themed sunset wedding on the USS Potomac. Helen is also certified by the Gay Wedding Institute.

Helen Sterling Certified by the Gay Wedding Institute

Helen is certified by the
Gay Wedding Institute

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