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Photo by Sophie Spinelle
Shameless Photography

Wondering about a sexy wedding gift for your fiance?  I opted for a fun twist on boudoir photography and had a series of vintage-styled pinup shots taken for Drake.

Although, in the end, I’m really not sure who had more fun with the gift.  I absolutely loved the experience and the images we made did a world of good for my self-esteem, which had taken a bit of a hit from my obsession with wedding magazines.  But more on that later.

For the pinups, I worked with talented photographer and fierce femme, Sophie Spinelle, of Shameless Photography.   Her studios, in San Francisco and New York, are equipped with amazing vintage clothing and props, and they spent time in advance getting to know me and suggesting  outfits and scenarios to help bring out my inner vixen.  On the day of the shoot, Sophie and her skilled stylist conducted a full-scale vintage makeover and painstakingly set up every shot.  I felt sexy and glamorous and just knew I was in good hands.

Shameless Photography was born out of the body positive movement, and are gifted at making women feel gorgeous, powerfully sexy, and unapologetic for their size, shape, or awesome feminine.   If you’re still on the fence about whether to make this radical investment in your self, I mean your fiance’s wedding gift, then take a gander at their Yelp reviews.

Shameless has a variety of fabulous printing options for  your images, including pinup calendars, wrapped canvas, and books.  Or, you can take the digital images and print yourself.  I opted for a deck of high-quality playing cards, which we took on the honeymoon.  What fun!

Enjoy your Queer Wedding!

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